Small Drinking Water EPA Vulnerability Assessment

To guard against Terrorist and Security Threats, you are required under the provisions of the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 to complete a Vulnerability Assessment of your Water System.

Regardless of the methodology used, you are required to review six elements of your water system:

  • Pipes and Constructed Conveyances
  • Physical Barriers
  • Collection, Pretreatment, Storage and Distribution Systems
  • Electronic and Computer Systems
  • Use Storage and handling of Chemicals
  • System Operation and Maintenance

Also, you are required to develop and/or update you Emergency Response Plan (ERP) within six months of completing the assessment.

If you service at least 3,300 but less than 50,000 customers (1 service connection = 2.6 customers) you have to file with the EPA by June 30, 2004. If you serve more than 50,000 customers, you due date has passed, but you can still catch up and file to become compliant.

What we do

  • To control costs, DecisionTree can utilize information already in the possession of the water system authority to organize, produce and submit the required Vulnerability Assessment to the EPA and the appropriate State Drinking Water Agency.

  • We provide a turnkey Vulnerability Assessment that can be filed with the EPA.

  • We provide ERP consulting and authoring.


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