Guiding Principles
DecisionTree Solutions offers value added solutions:

The consultants of DecisionTree Solutions offer objective solutions for Small to Medium sized businesses. We build solution sets that positively affect your bottom line thereby creating a synergistic business relationship between the client and DecisionTree Solutions.

DecisionTree Solutions is dedicated to achieving complete customer satisfaction for 100% of our client base all of the time:

If you are not satisfied in any way or feel that, you or your organization has not realized a plausible benefit from working with our consultants alert us and we will focus whatever resources necessary to ensure a positive outcome. You will be happy with our services or you will not pay us for our effort until the job is complete and we have achieved 100% customer satisfaction.

DecisionTree Solutions refuses to “nickel and dime” our clients when it comes to billing:

We operate an efficient infrastructure, which allows us to propose efficient technology solutions for our valued client base. Our interest is simple; we want to partner with our clients to provide valuable solutions thereby creating a mutually beneficial relationship that promotes efficiency of and return on Information Technology investments.

DecisionTree Solutions understands the business processes of your company, not just the technology infrastructure:

The first step in the process of recruiting a new client or structuring a technology plan for an existing client is to understand the business processes behind Technology concerns. By focusing our solution set on the customer's business processes, DecisionTree Solutions is able to provide more profitable and easier to implement solutions.

IT spending should not be your largest monthly expense:

The purpose of implementing technology resources is to eliminate costly solutions and automate business processes. The management of a company's technology infrastructure should not cost large sums of money and require constant capital investments and budgetary nightmares. A well installed and properly maintained technology infrastructure can be managed easily if the proper procedures and policies are set forth for its use and maintenance.

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